Friday, September 27, 2013

Back yard Sightings

assalamualikum all of you!!!!!!!!! i have made my own group on WhatsApp for any person who'd like to share sightings of animals. you can share sightings of pets, birds, bugs or any other wildlife you come across. if you would like to join, whatsapp "Backyard Sightings" to Aaisha Muhammad on 0787974394, and i will happily join you to the group. wassalam

Thursday, September 27, 2012

new animal and technology learning skill website


assalmamulikum all of you people!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish u all had a happy Ramadan!!


we have created another new blog by the name of Reviews From The World Of Science And Technology.

visit it here

we  will be posting stuff about science and technology on this blog


u can learn a lot from this blog, as this cute adventures is just a blog of all of the stuff that I do and all fiction stuff. but this Reviews From The World Of Science And Technology will have full detailed info and other stuff.


if u would like to learn about anything, don’t forget to visit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




if u ever got a chance of making a blog, what type of blog would u make?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadan break


Assalamualikum every one! I just wanted to let u guys know that: During Ramadan,  I will not be posting any posts on my blog(due to fasting), Insha Allah, I will continue to put posts on my blog after Ramadan, insha Allah


Monday, June 25, 2012

tin for feathers



assalamualikum guys!


would you guys be looking for a way to keep your feathers in(any bird feathers)?

we had a pe cock and his tail feathers came in handSmile. so we capt it in a tin and were looking for some nice way to wrap the tin and make it look cuteSmile

we saw this idea some were and we though it was cullSmile

the idea is: we took a plain white string and wrapped it around the tin and I was looking just great and pretty and cute. then we put the pe cock feathers back in the tin and we turned the feathers eye to our side(the common)! I was looking so sweetSmile



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

new website



this is a new website and I think it is very cool. this websites link please do check out my portfolio, and to go to my portfolio click here

please note that this portfolio is new so it will be a bit empty but I will inshallah keep on adding new projects. what to do in here: you can put all of the projects that you make and then it will ask what you made so you type what you have made and then you click done. please note that you can not put any description of what you have made like the instructions or some thing like that. I also wanted to put the instructions  and when I found out that you cant put the disruption then I was really surprised I mean we usually can put the deceptions on this kind of stuff you know!Smile



what kind of stuff do you like on the computer?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Aan reptiles.



hi there everybody!

We have opened a new reptile shop.

our logo is:



we are selling some reptiles,normal pets and feeders. What we have in reptiles is snakes… what we have in pets is some rabbit babies(bunny's)…. What we mean by feeders is that if you have a snake then we can give you the snakes feed witch is mice an rats!we can give you mice and rats for babies!in snakes we have corn snake hatchlings for sale for now but we will get ball python babies soon! what we have in feeders is mice and rats.

for more info visit as at facebook also.

you can email as at:

Friday, November 18, 2011


Check out my drugs poster below:


Drugs are very dangerous things. Infect now another drug witch looks like strawberry candy and even smells like strawberry candy but infect it is not a strawberry candy, it’s a drug. And now people are giving  children this drug at some schools.  So if your child goes to a school, then please tell him/her do not take any candy (even if its not a drug) from a stranger, because how will he now If it  is a drug or no.


Now this is a kind of a drug maybe or maybe not. Also you can’t eat it because you don’t know if it is a drug or no. Now, why can’t you eat drugs: because drugs are haram.


These are cigarettes. Now cigarettes are even haram and they even damage your lungs. And cigarettes are even drugs.